Welcome to the Future of Training

Virtual reality is poised to become the go-to tool for employers to offer cost-effective, impactful and personalized training for employees.

  • Learn By Doing Advanced headsets with controllers allow the user to actively take part in a scenario, rather than being just a passive observer or listener.
  • Impactful Training Virtual simulations are more immersive than even face-to-face role-playing, allowing participants to focus solely on their own training, instead of worrying about how other participants perceive them.
  • Efficient Training Based on Data VR gives the ability to set benchmarks on staff performance and track how an employee’s performance changes over time. The trainee receives immediate feedback on how they performed and the program or an instructor can suggest ways they could improve. Companies can match how the VR training performance corresponds to real-world behavior and thus ensure that the training is as effective as possible.
  • Cost Effective Training Traditional staff training seminars are long, boring and very expensive. Costs are greatly reduced for educating a large workforce by training staff remotely with $10 to $50 VR headsets. VR simulations also ensure that the training experience is consistent (but still personalized) across the organization and can be implemented for all incoming employees immediately.
INVAR is partnered with leading VR training/simulation institutions and experts:

Dr. Walter Greenleaf of Stanford University is a key member of our advisory board. He is currently part of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, which has given new meaning to the phrase “walk a mile in someone’s shoes” through VR simulations designed to teach empathy.

Leading Developer of Virtual Simulations and Games

10 years of experience building VR training for medical, education, and the US military

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