Welcome to the Future of Retail

Merging Online Shopping Convenience & Functionality with the Classic In-Store Experience

INVAR works with retailers to improve the modern day shopping experience and bring customers back into brick and mortar stores. INVAR Studios and SammurAI bring a unique combination of artificial intelligence-driven analytics and VR/AR driven experiences to effectively bridge the gap between storefronts and online shopping. This creates more immersive, interactive experiences tailored to each enterprise and its customers that drive customer traffic, boost brand loyalty, and generate more sales.

SammurAI is an AI-enabled virtual sales assistant that enables customers to visually search products using machine vision, answer customer queries about the product via chat-bot, and help enterprises track user activities to personalize customer experiences.

INVAR Studios and SammurAI craft and deliver augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence solutions to deliver the best experience for customers:

  • In-store apps to help customers navigate the store and receive assistance from a virtual greeter/assistant
  • Giving customers the ability to virtually “try on” clothing and learn more about the products and how to use them (see video below)
  • Gathering data analytics to learn more about purchasing habits and customer behavior inside the store
  • Building and hosting virtual stores
  • Promoting products and supporting marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Store planning and merchandising in VR for retailers

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