Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade is a martial arts, adventure fantasy VR RPG GAME set in a mythical Hong Kong at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a world of magic and fantastic technology. Giant, ironclad dreadnoughts of the British Imperial Fleet float in the air above thousand foot high, attenuated Chinese skyscrapers. Through them move the “Shen. This is the world of Shadow Blade.

The Mirage

An interactive, cinematic supernatural mystery series in 360º VR about a video game playing trailer park teen who follows a strange WiFi signal into the desert where he finds a Mirage making Nature Spirit. The Spirit’s talisman and the boy’s cell phone unexpectedly connect and synchronize in a way that causes disruption in both the boy’s life and in the Spirit World

The 24 Hour Man

A CINEMATIC VR EXPERIENCE, Set in a post-cataclysmic Venice Beach, Los Angeles, THE 24 HOUR MAN is a ticking time-bomb story of one man’s struggle against the forces of dark science and black magic for the salvation of the city and recovery of his own identity.

Legends of a sword society

Legends of a Sword Society is a VR combat simulator using real time martial arts in a rich fantasy context with international appeal that can also port into Film and Television. The targeted audience in China are the largest consumers of 3D/VR content in the world.

Bombay Dogs

Bombay Dogs is a multi-platform animated comedic love story about a streetwise dog who helps a pampered aristo-dog in an epic tale that spans the globe. Written by Acclaimed British/ Bollywood Writer Farrukh Dhondy & Co-Produced by Mike Young of Splash Entertainment.

System Seven

System Seven is a multi-platform SF TV, film and games concept that takes place in a distant and densely populated solar system. Geramis is the home of more than three-score inhabited planets that circle its sun. The system is the home to ten different alien races each with its own unique biology, culture, and technology. 

The Peacock Throne

The Peacock Throne is a 12 part TV drama series bringing to the screen the story of the six Grand Moghuls, from their first incredible conquest of India to the last Grand Moghul to sit on the Peacock Throne whose actions and fundamentalist bigotry led to the dissolution of the great empire of India.

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