The Peacock Throne

The Peacock Throne is a 4 season television event, a character driven epic depicting the unbelievable true stories of the greatest rulers of India.  Generation by generation, from their first incredible conquest of India through brothers killing brothers and sons rebelling against fathers for the throne, lovers who inspired monuments and murders, all their stories are told by the aging final Emperor as British forces surround him in a threat to end his lineage forever.

The Apostle of the East

Only one of his followers doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead.  When Thomas saw him with his own eyes, he set out to the furthest corner of the world, traveling as a slave, and arrived in India.  It was another planet to him, foreign in every way.  Here were hundreds of gods thousands of years old, and he tried to tell them of one true God that he had known as a man.  He spent his life trying to cross impossible obstacles to understanding, and finally calmly accepted death at the hands of those who would not believe him, a man who was truly freed from doubt. 

Son of Mars

A sci-fi adventure told through a multi-platform narrative that will span a television series, books, online content, gaming content, and virtual reality experiences. Spectacular visual sequences tell the story of the ‘Independence Revolution’ when the first colonists of Mars fight for the right to become more than just a resource for Earth, but a true civilization of their own.

Legends of a sword society

Legends of a Sword Society is a VR combat simulator using real time martial arts in a rich fantasy context with international appeal that can also port into Film and Television. The targeted audience in China are the largest consumers of 3D/VR content in the world.

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