Welcome to the Future of Museums

Virtual and augmented reality will change the way we experience the past, present, and future.

Using cutting-edge technology, INVAR works to create more engaging and interactive experiences for museums. Immersive exhibits will improve attendance rates and the likelihood of return visits.

How AR/VR Can Improve Your Museum:

  • Give visitors access to even more information about exhibits with augmented reality “holograms” displayed throughout an exhibit.
  • Materialize a historical figure into an exhibit. Hear and watch them explain their life, inspiration, and more.
  • Follow a virtual curator or educator through exhibits at your own pace using personal mobile devices (Apple/Android phones) or using headsets provided by the museum (HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens).
  • Treat visitors to a virtual reality experience that will allow them to visit locations/events around the world in the past, present and future in ways that 2D photographs/videos could never replace.
  • Use a holographic/transparent projection system to create moving environments around static displays to help visitors better imagine life in a different setting.
  • Promote the museum via online virtual tour demos to encourage visitors from all over the world to view the exhibits in person.
    Archive the exhibitions in a VR Time Capsule for future generations to enjoy.

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