Plot Synopsis

Molly Greene lives in Silicon Valley where her Dad is a professor of Augmented Virtual Psycho Geo Theory or AVPGT. The Greene duo uses VR to visit places all over the world, where they research things like Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, Renewable Energy, and other important topics pertaining to Global Sustainability.

Every 5-minute animated episode features a specific subject of study, with lots of pure tween-style fun along the way. This content is intended to inspire the Millenial and Gen Z demographic that is very concerned with the aforementioned problems affecting the world today. Molly Greene episodes can be televised traditionally, viewed in VR using a smartphone head-mounted display, or on a computer to change viewing experiences.

Series Vision

MOLLY GREENE is a multi-platform animated series aimed at teaching tweens about climate change and global sustainability. The content exists as virtual reality interactive animated entertainment, live-action 360 video, educational games for VR HMDs/traditional devices, and also as a social media platform.

Entertaining while educating is the goal of Molly Greene. Millennial pre-teens will have ample opportunities to see the world through the eyes of someone that they can relate to while learning new and relevant things about our ever evolving planet.

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