Virtual and augmented reality have tranformative healing benefits for patients. They are also fast, effective and cost-efficient training tools for both doctors and staff.

VR and AR can dramatically improve recovery times for patients dealing with behavioral issues, PTSD, rehabilitation and other medical issues.
With your direction, we can place clinical materials or procedures into an immersive world where patients can be effectively treated.  You can also train doctors and hospital staff on procedures by archiving the lessons in virtual reality, reducing set-up, delivery, and associated expenses.
In Miami Children’s Health System, Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO of MCHS, reported that virtual training participants retained 80 percent of information compared to just 20 percent from traditional training methods.
Telemedicine or “Virtual Doctors” usage will continue to grow as the cost of healthcare rises, VR technology will serve as an effective means
to reduce costs for care delivery, while improving clinical efficacy.
We’re lucky to have the visionary VR medical pioneer,¬†Dr. Greenleaf of Stanford University, on board as our medical VR advisor.
Calm doctor touching a medical interface in the hospital

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