Welcome to the Future of Healthcare

Bringing VR/AR into the medical industry is an effective and cost-efficient way to train staff, improve patient care and much more.

With your direction, we can place clinical materials, procedures, or scenarios into an immersive virtual world that will benefit doctors, hospital staff and patients alike.

Fast and Cost-Effective Medical Training
  • Learn by doing in immersive and interactive VR experiences
  • Allow staff to take virtual risks to improve real-world outcomes
  • Greater knowledge retention: In Miami Children’s Health System, Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO of MCHS, reported that virtual training participants retained 80% of information compared to just 20% from traditional training methods.
Virtually Painless
  • VR is an effective non-pharmacological pain reduction technique for both acute and chronic pain
  • Reduces levels of pain and anxiety for patients before an operation
  • Reduce costs, recovery time, and complications
Improving Patient-Doctor Communication
  • Useful for telementoring and telemedicine
  • Enhance patients’ understanding of their treatment plan, leading to higher patient satisfaction
Motor, Cognitive, & Behavioral Therapies
  • Successfully used to assist in rehabilitation for a wide variety of motor and cognitive deficits
  • Help address psychological and behavioral problems, including treatment for phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder as well as promoting physical activity and healthy eating behaviors
  • Tailor VR experiences to each patient’s specific needs and skills while tracking patient progress

INVAR Studios benefits from the expertise of board member Dr. Walter Greenleaf of Stanford University. Dr. Greenleaf is a behavioral neuroscientist and a leading pioneer in the medicinal application of virtual reality technology. He has been developing medical products using virtual environment technology for over 25 years and is currently part of the renowned Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University.

The attached slideshow from Dr. Greenleaf provides an overview of how VR technology will impact medicine, clinical care, personal health and wellness, and how it will help to facilitate the shift of medicine to direct personal care.

Calm doctor touching a medical interface in the hospital

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