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INVAR is dedicated to creating thought-provoking, immersive content for VR/AR enthusiasts and newcomers alike. We internally develop original intellectual property and partner with outside creative companies and brands to create a diverse portfolio of world-class content, including film, television, games, and live events.

One of the defining qualities of INVAR’s IP is that it is multi-format ready. This means that audiences around the world can enjoy our content in either 360 degrees using a virtual reality headset or as an “extracted” 2D format that can be viewed on traditional devices like a laptop or TV. Given the novelty of VR and VR-compatible devices, a multi-format show like INVAR’s critically acclaimed VR film, ROSE COLORED, can be a sure-fire way to hedge your bets on future innovation while capitalizing on the ceaseless desire for great storytelling via traditional media.

Our award-winning team includes entertainment, creative, and technology executives that together have decades of experience managing scalable production pipelines across multiple verticals. We are constantly working to assemble the best teams of talent to deliver high-quality projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Check out the critically acclaimed pilot to INVAR’s upcoming VR anthology series, ROSE COLORED, to get an inside look into INVAR’s latest creative achievement and see what all the buzz is about.

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