Welcome to the Future of Education

Put away the boring textbooks – it’s time to bring learning to life. And the latest virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies promise to improve the way our kids learn.

Instead of trying to memorize a diagram of the solar system, let’s immerse ourselves in a virtual solar system, zooming through space and time to explore each planet. Instead of trying to explain how the human body works, let’s look at an augmented reality nervous system of our friend’s body. Instead of reading about D-Day, let’s storm the virtual beaches of Normandy ourselves. Let’s let children take a hands-on approach to education, letting their natural curiosity drive their classroom learning.

3 Ways AR/VR Can Improve Education

  1. Active, rather than passive, learning experiences keep students interested and engaged
  2. Learn By Doing – Exploration and hands-on approach of AR/VR aids with learning and retention
  3. Immersive experience means no distractions and immediate engagement with the materials (especially useful in today’s world of limited attention spans)

Based on your educational objectives and materials, we can create vivid depictions of your materials set in engaging scenarios in AR or VR. This 3-D format helps students more easily understand and interact with educational concepts and achieve their learning goals.

With the new opportunities that VR and AR offer for teachers to engage their students, we could see a complete transformation in all education levels from K-12 to higher education. It is up to VR and AR content creators and schools to work together to usher in the next phase of education in the 21st century and to use innovative ways to help students reach their true potential.

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