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Best Virtual Reality Short

Winner of the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

My favorite narrative VR piece that I’ve seen so far this year is Rose Colored

Kent Bye Host of Voice of VR Podcast


AMD Featured “Rose Colored” at Sotheby’s “The Art of “VR”

Invar Projects

Rose Colored

Molly Greene


Bombay Dogs

The Peacock Throne

Son of Mars



Legends of a Sword Society

Kerala Tribal Waters

The Mercenary

Monster Crush AR

Edgar : The AR Concierge

Past Window - Recreating History in AR

VR Creative Services

We help clients captivate, educate, and entertain audiences in breathtaking ways. Explore our practice areas to find out how INVAR can help you


We build awe-inspiring VR/AR applications for entertainment studios and media brands. We also develop original intellectual property, both internally and by partnering with creative partners and brands.


Virtual and augmented reality experiences have transformative health benefits for a wide range of patients. VR/AR is also being used as fast, effective, and cost-efficient training tools for doctors and hospital staff.


We work with retailers to develop engaging VR/AR experiences to drive customer traffic, boost brand loyalty, and generate more sales.


Virtual and augmented reality will change the way we experience the past, the present, and the future.


Students will now be able to interact and engage with material in ways like never before. Imagine being able to now visit a historical scene from a textbook using VR or have our solar system appear right before your eyes with AR.

Staff Training

Virtual and augmented reality are poised to become the go-to tools for employers to offer cost-effective, impactful and personalized training for employees.


INVAR’s technology platform, SammurAI, enables enterprises/brands to bring VR/AR experiences to their customers and track subsequent user engagement.

SammurAI’s SDK is available for the web, Android, and iOS. Just integrate our SDK into your existing apps or web page, select your VR/AR content, and SammurAI will do the rest.

Based on each user’s unique device, SammurAI will automatically render the most appropriate VR/AR experience in the most efficient way.


VR/AR platform available as an SDK that easily integrates into your enterprise's applications


Multiple Device Compatibility

Single platform available for many devices consumers use to experience VR content on like desktop, mobile, or HMD’s


Data Analytics

Enterprises can now track user engagement to provide a personalized customer experience


Chatbot Response

Our Chatbot based on NLP engages with the user to answer all potential queries



Our Partners


Medical VR


3D Spatial Audio


                                                                                                    Stitching,Visual Effects,Rotoscopy

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